About Rehab Affiliates

Rehab Affiliates is the missing link between patients seeking addiction treatment, rehabs looking to treat those patients and webmasters who can help to connect the two together.

Seeking treatment for an addiction, eating disorder, depression or other very delicate mental health related problem has always been a huge challenge.
With so many options and so much information out there it makes it almost overwhelming.

Rehabs and addiction treatment centers also have a problem where most people that are looking for treatment now use the internet.

A treatment provider needs to be focused on treatment, staffing quality and the patient so they cant spend lots of time or money on the kind of marketing that every business in the world does or should do.
This is where Rehab Affiliates creates a link that has long been missing from whole drug rehab and mental health industry.

Rehab Affiliates takes the stress and hassle out of every aspect of the whole business.