Affiliate Management

As a business owner you will have lots of things to do to run it smootly and look after your patients.

Marketing your business is always a challenge and takes you away from important things like patient care, so we can do all the marketing and patient aqusition for you.

Imagine having hundreds of people going out daily reaching out to people with problems that need help and those people will be doing all the work for you.
You will have your own outsourced sales army doing all the work.

We will create and train affilaites by giving them in depth information on how to help people connect with rehabs and we manage everything.

Affiiates are often very eager to build a big business but things are stacked against them because they need to have faith in the companys they are promoting and they often need lots of hand holding at the beginning.

Rehab Affiliates comes from an affiliate background so we have been affiliates ourselves and we have also been a company that had affilaites so we are well versed in everything the business needs.

If you want to know more just email us [email protected] and we will take you through the entire process in easy to understand steps.